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Second Cycle

As a member of the St. Kliment Ohridski University – Bitola, TIP organizes postgraduate studies as well as preparation and defense of doctoral dissertations according to the Rulebook for postgraduate and doctoral studies as well as obtaining a PhD at the Scientific Tobacco Institute Prilep since 2002.

The aim is for the candidates to gain the best possible combination of theoretical, practical and professional knowledge in the selected field, so that as masters in agricultural sciences they would possess modern theoretical and practical skills in the field of production, processing and treatment of tobacco, as well as agricultural management in tobacco farming.

List of accredited postgraduate studies mentors:

  • Prof. Dr.sc. Gordana Miceska (Resolution num. 13-155/6 from 11.02.2016)
  • Prof. Dr.sc. Miroslav Dimitrieski(Resolution num. 13-155/2 from 11.02.2016)
  • Prof. Dr.sc. Ana Korubin-Aleksoska (Resolution num. 18-103/2 from 17.10.2016)
  • Prof. Dr.sc. Valentina Pelivanoska (Resolution num. 13-155/3 from 11.02.2016)
  • Prof. Dr.sc. Marija Srbinoska (Resolution num. 13-155/4 from 11.02.2016)
  • Prof. Dr.sc. Biljana Gveroska (Resolution num. 13-155/5 from 11.02.2016)
  • Prof. Dr.sc. Vesna Krsteska(Resolution num. 13-155/7 from 11.02.2016)
  • Prof. Dr.sc. Petre Tashkoski(Resolution num. 18-465/2 from 09.03.2017)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.sc. Silvana Pashoska (Resolution num. 18-299/2 from 17.10.2016)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.sc. Karolina Kochoska (Resolution num. 1409-379/2 from 04.04.2018)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr.sc. Biljana Jordanoska Shishkoska (Resolution num. 1409-397/3 from 04.04.2018)

Study Programs

  • Студиска програма за Производство на тутун – 1 годишни
  • Студиска програма за Производство на тутун – 2 годишни
  • Студиска програма за Обработка и преработка на тутун – 1 годишни
  • Студиска програма за Обработка и преработка на тутун – 2 годишни
  • Студиска програма за Агроменаџмент во тутунското стопанство