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Third Cycle (Doctoral)

LIST OF MENTORS of the study program in Technology of production and processing of tobacco and tobacco products, third cycle of three-year studies at the Scientific Institute of Tobacco Prilep confirmed by the Committee for Accreditation and Evaluation of Higher Education of R. N. Macedonia for the academic year 2016/2017

  1. Prof. Dr.sc. Marija Srbinoska (Resolution num. 13-155/4 from 11.02.2016)
  2. Prof. Dr.sc. Gordana Miceska (Решение Бр. 13-159/2 од 11.02.2016)
  3. Prof. Dr.sc. Miroslav Dimitrieski (Решение Бр. 13-159/2 од 11.02.2016)
  4. Prof. Dr.sc. Valentina Pelivanoska(Решение Бр. 13-159/2 од 11.02.2016)
  5. Prof. Dr.sc. Biljana Gveroska(Решение Бр. 13-159/2 од 11.02.2016)
  6. Prof. Dr.sc. Vesna Krsteska(Решение Бр. 13-159/2 од 11.02.2016)
  7. Prof. Dr.sc. Ana Korubin-Aleksoska(Решение Бр. 18-103/3 од 17.10.2016)
  8. Assoc. Prof. Dr.sc. Milan Mitreski (Решение Бр. 1409-396/2 од 14.02.2018 год.)