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Tobacco journal becomes international


In compliance with the Law on scientific research and the Decision of the Government of R. Macedonia, Tobacco Institute-Prilep (TIP) became a unit of St. Kliment Ohridski University-Bitola, under the following name: St. Kliment Ohridski University – Bitola, Scientific Tobacco Institute Prilep
TIP received a Certificate for accreditation of the following laboratories:

  • Laboratory for quality control of agricultural crops seed
  • Laboratory for quality control of soil, water, fertilizers and plant material
  • Laboratory for quality control of tobacco and tobacco products
  • Laboratory for authenticity and quality control of tobacco raw


Institute of Medicinal Plants Research “Josif Pancic” – Belgrade awarded a Letter of Gratitude to Tobacco Institute – Prilep for its contribution to development and improvement of the work of the Institute.
Initiative Committee of the Memorial March “Ilija Sukuroski – Akula” awarded a Letter of Gratitude to Tobacco Institute-Prilep for its special merits and participation in the March (06.01.2008).
Reformation of the postgraduate study programs according to ECS
Publication of the book “Herbology of Tobacco” by Prof. Dr Vera Dimeska


Стопанската комора на Македонија додели плакета на ЈНУ Институт за тутун Прилеп за постигнати резултати во зголемувањето на производството, поттикнување на економијата и воведување на нови технологии и нови технички достигнувања.


Celebration of the 80-th anniversary of foundation and scientific-research work of TIP


Start of the postgraduate studies for master and doctoral degrees. By organization of these studies, TIP became the only scientific institution in Europe which carries educational activity to satisfy the needs of tobacco economy


With the new law for scientific activities, Tobacco Institute – Prilep becomes a Public Scientific Institution.


In the period 1983-1998, ITP was a part of the complex organization of associated labor “Yugotutun” – Skopje.


Tobacco Institute becomes a member of the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola.


A decision was brought to form a Tobacco Museum in the Institute. The Museum consists of 1600 art exhibits and is a real treasure of valuable and precious artifacts.


The first permanent Tobacco exhibition was set up in Tobacco Institute-Prilep, in order to present the historical development and work of this institution.


In accordance with the Law for scientific workers, TIP was listed in the Registrar of Scientific Institutions.


Foundation of CORESTA – international organization for research of tobacco; TIP is as one of the founders of this organization.


The first issue of scientific publication TUTUN/Tobacco was released, to present the results and achievements in all spheres of tobacco economy.
It has been published regularly up-to-date.
The first Cigarette Factory was founded as a part of the Institute.


Decision was brought for organization of a six-month specialistic studies on tobacco in TIP.


Start of the first organized educational activity in TIP and formation of the Secondary School for Tobacco which had a federal character.


The Institute functioned in the scope of General Direction of the Federal Tobacco Industry, in Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia (FNRY).


In the period of World War II, the scientific-research work of the Institute stagnated, but it still succeeded to survive, despite of the efforts made by the occupier to completely distroy it and dislocate it.


The cornerstone of the Institute was laid, and the ceremony of opening the building was made on 10.8.1939.


The Board of State Monopolies of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians brought decision for transformation of the Trial Station into Tobacco Institute.


By law regulation, only the seed produced in the Trial Station – Prilep was allowed for use in tobacco growing


Pioneer steps made in selection of oriental tobacco types lead to creation of the first varieties of the type Prilep


24.12.1924 was a day of foundation of the first Central Trial Station for tobacco research in Prilep, headed by Rudolf Gornik