Department of genetics, selection and seed control

This department works on the items related to type composition of tobacco in R. Macedonia, in accordance with the requirements of the local and foreign market. Its main research activity is focused on improvement of the existing and creation of new varieties.

The Department is in possession of in vitro lab and gene-bank for collection of seed material of all tobacco types and varieties, including many of the wild species.

In the scope ot this Department investigations on economic problems related to tobacco crop throughout its process of reproduction are made. Economic measures and instruments of economic policies of the Republic of Macedonia and their effect on tobacco are studied.

In that area the department also works out analyses, elaborates and projects in the field of primary production, procession, manufacture, profit and financial sphere and it is also enabled to make estimations of enterprises, investments programmes and all types of programmes in the field of economy and management of the companies.

Scientific Research Staff

Prof. Dr. sc. Karolina Kochoska

Head of the Department

Senior Research Fellow
Full Professor

Prof. Dr. sc. Gordana Miceska
Senior Research Fellow
Full Professor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. sc. Silvana Pashovska
Senior Research Associate
Associate Professor

Ass. Prof. Dr. sc. Jane Aleksoski

Research Associate

Assistant Professor

Agronomist Marjana Glusheska

Senior Labaratory assistant