Department of technology and chemistry of tobacco and tobacco products

This Department makes chemical investigations of all tobacco types and products represented in the Republic of Macedonia, with the aim to determine their quality characteristics.

This Department also deals with post-harvest processes of tobacco, like yellowing, manipulation, fermentation and storage. It also studies technological procedures starting from fabrication to manufacture of a final product – cigarette. In the domain of tobacco curing, complete solutions have already been given for reducing the costs of curing, by construction of combined curing barns.

Main tasks of the Department are:

  • Investigation of the chemical composition of tobacco and tobacco smoke
  • Scientific-research work in the field of tobacco chemistry
  • Study of the up-to-date analytical methods and development of original methods for analysis of tobacco and tobacco smoke.

Within the Department there is Accredited laboratory for investigation of chemical composition of tobacco and tobacco smoke.

Lab analyses are performed with recommended and recognized methods and in accordance with the international standards CORESTA, ISO and DIN.

The lab is authorized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia and is equipped with adequate instruments:

  • Spectrometer PUUV/VIS
  • Smoking machine Borgwaldt CRM 20
  • CO/CO2 ANALYZER Borgwaldt C-24
  • Apparatus for measurement and control of physical parameters of cigarettes

The Department is also equipped with an accredited Laboratory for investigation of physical, water-physical and other technological properties of tobacco. The Laboratory has an authorization to issue certificates on authentic origin and quality of tobacco raw.

Scientific Research Staff

Assoc. Prof. Dr. sc. Natasha Zdraveska

Head of the Department

Senior Research Associate

Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. sc. Marija Srbinoska

Senior Research Fellow

Full Professor

Mr. sc.  Bojana Dimovska – Gonovska


Vase Jovanoska
Chemistry technician

Meri Chupetreska

Labaratory assistant