Department of agrotechnics

The Activity of this department is concentrated on application of the most contemporary cultural practices for obtaining a high yield tobacco raw of a good quality. The activity of this Department is realized through field demonstrative experiments and lab investigations of the major macro- and micro-elements in the soil and in tobacco raw. Also, the Department makes investigations of the more important water-physical characteristics of the soil and sets regimes for tobacco irrigation.

Through the work of this Department, TIP is the first institution in the Republic of Macedonia to make systematic control of fertility of tobacco soils.The Department is equipped with a Laboratory for investigation of major agrochemical parameters and the content of macro- and micro-elements in soil and plant material. Water-physical properties of soil are also investigated. In the last period, it also works on determination of heavy metals content in tobacco soils.

Assoc. Prof. Dr.  sc. Biljana Jordanoska Shishkoska
Head of the Department
Senior Research Associate

Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. sc. Valentina Pelivanoska
Senior Research Fellow
Full Professor

Goran Pashoski

Cene Veleska