Department for tobacco protection from diseases, pests and weeds

The basic task research of this department is to study some important problems in the field of biology, ecology and morphology of diseases and pests on seedlings and transplanted tobacco and also in store-houses for tobacco raw and tobacco products.

The Department also makes investigation of the most contemporary pesticides in the control of weeds, pests and weed flora and how they affect the changes of some quality properties of tobacco.

Particular interest has been paid to the relations among phytocenoses, entomofauna, pathogenic microorganisms entomofagous insects and parasites of some pest species, from the aspect of application of some biological methods in control of tobacco pests. The role of some insects in transmission of viral diseases in tobacco was also investigated.

In the last few years, the Department works on biological control of tobacco from diseases and pests.

Research staff

Prof. Dr. sc. Vesna Krsteska
Head of the Department
Senior Research Fellow
Full professor

Prof. Dr. sc. Biljana Gveroska
Senior Research Fellow
Full professor

Ass. Prof. Dr. sc. Katerina Kareska

Research Associate

Assistant professor

Zoran Koteski