Scientific council

The scientific council is formed in accordannce with the Law for Higher Education. This body of managemet of the educational activity that the Tobbaco institut has, i.e. the postgraduate and the doctoral studies. The Scientific council is made up of the following members:

  1. Prof. Valentina Pelivanoska – president
  2. Prof. Gordana Miceska
  3. Prof. Miroslav Dimitrieski
  4. Prof. Ana Korubin Aleksoska
  5. Prof. Marija Srbinoska
  6. Prof. Petre Taskoski
  7. Prof. Biljana Gveroska
  8. Prof. Vesna Krsteska
  9. Prof. Jordan Trajkoski
  10. Assoc. Prof. Milan Mitreski
  11. Assoc. Prof. Karolina Kocoska
  12. Assoc. Prof. Silvana Pasoska
  13. Assoc. Prof. Biljana Jordanoska Shishkoska
  14. Ass. Prof. Natasa Zdraveska
  15. dipl. biologist Daniela Taleska