About us

Scientific Tobacco Institute from Prilep is public scientific institution, a member of the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola.

The Tobacco Institute makes scientific-research investigations, educational, applicative, publishing, productional and other activities in the field of tobacco breeding.

The work of the Institute is focused on:

  • Creation of new varieties and maintenance and improvement of the existing ones
  • Optimization of agricultural practices
  • Investigation of diseases, pests and weeds
  • Determination of the chemical composition of tobacco and tobacco products
  • Monitoring of the after-harvest procession of tobacco
  • Investigation of tobacco crop from the economic viewpoint

Today, the Institute has excellent material-technical and spatial capabilities:

  • Administrative building, housing the management, laboratories, offices, two conference rooms, library and other ancillary services with a total area of 2144.73 m2.
  • Economic building where warehouses for seed material and tobacco produced from experiments and mass production are located.
  • In the third building, which was previously intended for tobacco fermentation, today houses the Institute for Old Slavic Culture and the Tobacco Museum.
  • Two biological laboratories – glasshouses (old – 112.81 m2; new – 441.75 m2) for conducting vegetation experiments throughout all seasons.
  • Experimental field of the STIP, with a total area of about 14 hectares.
  • Library with a total collection of more than 4200 books and 125 titles of scientific and professional journals.
  • Tobacco Museum with a permanent exhibition of 1600 exhibits.
  • Art collection of 150 paintings and sculptures, and two models of old Macedonian houses.
  • Meteorological station.
  • Scientific research equipment providing quality testing and high precision.