Since April 12, 2024, the oldest unit of UKLO – Scientific Tobacco Institute – Prilep, manages the Central laboratory of the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola.

The act of handing over the possession of the sophisticated equipment also has a symbolic meaning. The rector, prof. Dr. Igor Nedelkovski handed over the keys to the director of the Tobacco Institute – Prilep, prof. Dr. Valentina Pelivanoska, thus starting new scientific and research challenges and perspectives for the Institute and the University as a whole.

The official representatives of UKLO and the Tobacco Institute – Prilep, the rector Nedelkovski and the director Pelivanoska, expressed their satisfaction with the result, which, according to the rector, demonstrates both togetherness and proactivity. “We are putting into use equipment that has been procured over a period of more than ten years, from various projects, financed with national, international and own funds, equipment, the value of which reaches almost half a million euros. We made efforts for our units to consensually find a solution and the valuable equipment does not stand dead, so that the Institute, the University and the wider community benefit.”

The strongest incentive and reason to take over the management of sophisticated equipment, the Tobacco Institute recognizes in the numerous opportunities offered by the laboratory for scientific research, assesses director Valentina Pelivanoska. In the initial phase, activities will be undertaken to put the devices into operation, to approach re-equipment with quality and competent staff, after which the laboratory will be used for scientific research. In the future plans, intentions are projected for the inclusion of other units for participation in joint, integrated projects and research.

Ambitious ideas will take place gradually and in them, research from the aspect of environmental protection will have a special place, as well as monitoring of products that serve for human nutrition, which are part of modern, world trends.

Otherwise, deans and representatives from UKLO units expressed attention and respect to the event and its significance.

The act of handing over and managing the Central Laboratory was preceded by the signing of an Agreement at the UKLO Rectorate, whose verification was attended by representatives from the management of both institutions.