On February 29, 2024, the University of Tetovo and the Scientific Tobacco Institute – Prilep signed a memorandum of cooperation. This memorandum will be implemented through the Agricultural-Biotechnological Faculty of the University of Tetovo and the Scientific Tobacco Institute in Prilep. The signatories of this agreement, Rector Prof. Dr. Jusuf Zejneli and the Director of the Scientific Tobacco Institute Prof. Dr. Valentina Pelivanoska, agreed to exchange technical information, scientific literature and experiences in the field of research, to build expertise in hydrobiology, genetics, soil pollution, provision of healthy natural food, and other scientific areas.

This collaboration, among other things, includes the exchange of scientists and experts; coordination and implementation of joint research on agreed topics; the use of equipment in relevant laboratories; joint research projects; the possibility of joint presentations by scientists from both institutions at consultations, symposiums and other events; publication of special or periodic publications related to common interests or activities; organization of congresses, symposiums, seminars, workshops, etc., as well as many other activities related to agriculture and biotechnology.

The meeting held by Rector Prof. Dr. Jusuf Zejneli with the Director Prof. Dr. Valentina Pelivanovska was attended by the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Prof. Dr. Salajdin Salihu, Head of the Office for International Cooperation Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hatibe Deari-Zeqiri, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture-Biotechnology Dr. Bardil Limani, Professor at this faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zejnedije Ademi and Valmisha Novi – Leader of the Rector’s Office.