On November 23, 2023, the director of the Scientific Tobacco Institute Prilep, prof. dr. sc. Valentina Pelivanoska participated at a meeting organized by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. Minister Nikolovski supported 26 activities of the National Rural Network for informing and training farmers with the measures of the rural development program. 26 contracts were awarded to support the proposed activities of the National Rural Network, selected through the Public Call for Applications under Measure 3 “Activities of the National Rural Network” from the Program for Financial Support of Rural Development for 2023. Activities that should contribute to the implementation of the Action Plan of the National Rural Network for the period 2023-2027.

“Our idea of establishing and revitalizing the National Rural Network is becoming a reality. We were the first in the region to establish the National Rural Network, realizing our goals, to create a body that will help create, inform and implement the National Program for Rural Development, encouraging new innovations and measures in agriculture and food production, as well as sustainable rural development. Happy that after exactly 10 years, or rather since October 2012, when the legal provisions establishing the National Rural Network were passed, in 2022, we are finally putting this mechanism into operation,  so that together we can create policies in agriculture and rural development”, Minister Nikolovski emphasized in his address.

Economic empowerment of women from the rural environment, trainings of farmers on the application of zootechnical measures, trainings to ensure goat production in rural areas, trainings on safe food for small rural food producers, then activities on the importance of rural tourism, involvement of young people in agriculture through measure 112 for starting an agricultural activity and more study visits to acquire new experiences and skills, are only part of the activities that are supported through this public call.

“I believe that through these activities all of you, together with the National Rural Network, will contribute to an even greater awareness of the farmers who benefit from the measures of the National Program for Rural Development,” said Minister Nikolovski.

The main goal of the National Rural Network is, through its activities, to contribute to an even greater awareness of the farmers who benefit from the measures of the National Program for Rural Development, about all the opportunities that are available to them.

For this period, 371 members have joined the National Rural Network, divided into four organizational groups, that is, the public sector, legal entities, the civil sector and local action groups.

The National Rural Network operates in all rural areas, on the entire territory of the country, with the aim of improving the conditions for full and balanced development, increasing the quality of life of each individual, through networking and creating partnerships. The network is established on a European basis, with the full involvement of the membership in its management. Membership in the National Rural Network is voluntary and free of charge for all citizens, who perform certain activities in rural areas, for all companies, for all public sector bodies and for all other forms of organizational form that operate in this area.