The Patron’s Day of the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola was celebrated with a solemn session of the University Senate and the Rector’s Administration, an occasion that included several important academic moments.

In a welcoming speech, the rector, prof. dr. sc. Igor Nedelkovski referred to current and future challenges. The international success was emphasized, because UKLO is a university that does not act alone in the domestic and European educational space. For now, it is the only Macedonian university that is a member of the European University Alliance together with eight other universities, united in KOLORS. He emphasizes other essential moments related to the present and the future of UKLO, including personnel refreshment and “rejuvenation”, strengthening the rating of UKLO on international university rankings, while emphasizing other advantages related to the transparency of the University, such as the UKLO Network, the talents of UKLO, the dynamic openness to the environment, with business and non-business sectors and local governments. Rector Nedelkovski emphasized the determination that the student, as the pivot of the economic and social development of this region, is an imperative for UKLO that continues to be respected.

As part of the ceremony, the best and most outstanding scientists in the academic year 2022/23 were announced.

The best scientist at UKLO is professor Anka Trajkovska-Petkoska from the Faculty of Technology – Veles.

The title of the most prolific scientist was awarded to prof. dr. sc. Renata Petrevska-Nechkoska from the Faculty of Economics – Prilep.

Among the academic staff who showed high results, the professors dr. Vesna Antovska Knights from TTF – Veles, dr. Biljana Trajkovska from FBTN – Bitola, dr. Ivanka Nestoroska from FTU – Ohrid, were awarded for their scientific commitment and dedication. Dr. Angelina Stanojoska from the Faculty of Law – Kicevo, dr. Dijana Blažeković – Dimovska from FBTN-Bitola and mr. Denis Arsovski, from VMSH – Bitola.

Professor Anka Trajkovska Petkoska spoke on behalf of the winners. She thanked the initiative for evaluating the quality and achievements in scientific and research work in the academic UKLO community because, according to her, the leadership of UKLO in this way goes beyond the alumni community by recognizing staff who obtained their education at another University, but did impact for UKLO, for the wider community and for the education of the young generations.

Traditionally, awards are given to the best graduated students, with which UKLO values the students’ hard work, especially those whose high achievements deserve respect and admiration. Hristina Nuneska, on behalf of the best students, expressed her gratitude to UKLO: for the developed network with the business community, the opportunity for graduates to stand behind the departments of the faculties, to appreciate their work, to respect success and to listen to the voice of young people.

The celebration of the Patron’s Day of UKLO was held in the Officers’ Home in Bitola on 7/12/2023, an institution with which UKLO signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The signatories, dr. Lili Boschevska and Rector Igor Nedelkovski formalized the good cooperation in the presence of their closest collaborators, the vice-rectors of UKLO: Jasmina Bunevska Talevska, Jove Dimitria Talevski, Cvetko Andreeski and Goran Ilic. The ceremony was attended by senior representatives from state universities, including the rector of DUT, Yusuf Zeineli, the members and president of the University Senate, Nikolce Jankulovski, deans and directors of UKLO units, students and employees of UKLO, as well as representatives from social and political life and the mayor of Bitola, Toni Konjanovski.

The program was enriched with artistic and musical content interpreted by students from DMU – Bitola.

Earlier, in honor of the Patron Saint, a working meeting was held with members of the Council of Rectors. Several delegations from the management, UGD – Shtip, the Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria, units of UKLO, the students and the Union of UKLO employees, laid bouquets of flowers in front of the monument of St. Clement, in the courtyard of the Rectory.