Under the motto UKLO AND FRIENDS – COLLABORATION IN WORK, the Second Open Day of UKLO was held, another successful example of a participatory approach and active partnership, in which the Scientific Tobacco Institute from Prilep took an active part.

On 6.10.2023 at the Faculty of Economics in Prilep, students, professors, the mayors of Prilep and Bitola, Borche Jovceski and Toni Konjanovski, representatives from public institutions, the business sector and civil society organizations participated in the joint event and by connecting with each other expressed their willingness to contribute to the development of local communities .

The rector of UKLO, Prof. Dr. Sc. Igor Nedelkovski and Dr. Borce Jovceski signed a Memorandum of Cooperation that strengthened the partnership and committed to “improving entrepreneurship, education, science and research and creating opportunities for the development of human potential for building the local community.”

In the conference part “Together to success – University summer internship – a win for everyone”, in addition to Rector Nedelkovski, the mayor of Bitola municipality, Dr. Toni Konjanovski, presented the results of the University summer internship. The audience had the opportunity to hear a personal opinion about the efficiency of the implemented practice from an intern from the Faculty of Education-Bitola, Stefani Ciunovska.

The director of Comfi Angel from Prilep, Irena Jakimoska, and the human resources director of SN Finansii from Bitola, Bujar Drala, referred to the opportunities that the academy and business should offer to young people to create a society of a new, European Macedonia in which realize their potentials.

Analyzes on the topic “Workplace of the future – startups, entrepreneurship, self-employment, remote work” were presented by Prof. Dr. Sc. Renata Petrevska Nechkoska from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Creativity, Danja Dimovska-Mikarovska from CSV-Prilep and Dr. Marijana Milevska from the PREDA Plus Foundation. They focused on the necessary intersectoral cooperation, as one of the ways to keep young people at home.

As part of the event, the vice-rector for student affairs, Prof. Dr. Sc. Jasmina Bunevska – Talevska presented the two new projects: UKLO Informal Learning and UKLO Talents. For the active participation in the informal learning workshops, academic staff were presented with certificates of appreciation, in recognition of their involvement in improving the knowledge, skills and competencies of students. Recognition was also given to several UKLO talents, thanks to the project, Identification and monitoring of talented and gifted students. It is emphasized that for the first time and the first in the region, the University “St. Kliment Ohridski”-Bitola started with an organized process of recognition, identification, work and monitoring of development with gifted and talented students, on the initiative of Professor Ljupco Kevereski from the Faculty of Education – Bitola, who emphasized that: “The gifted and talented have always been an inspiration to the world and therefore it is important how many gifted and talented people a country has, but even more important is how many of them stay there”.

An important component of the event was the Exhibition part – Career Day. The 12 units of UKLO have been promoted, which has enabled UKLO to present itself in its true light once again: with a heterogeneous educational offer, opportunities for mobility, projects, laboratories, programs and centers of UKLO. At the same time, 10 companies from the Pelagonian region presented the offer of about 350 open jobs for employment in companies in the region. The rector, Prof. Dr. Sc. Igor Nedelkovski assessed that the event is a true reflection of the regional character of the University and announced similar activities in other cities where UKLO has its units.

Participant networking is rounded off with DJ party. Otherwise, the rich event was realized by uniting the capacities and resources of UKLO and the Credo Center, the PREDA Plus Foundation, public institutions, the Municipality of Prilep, the business community, the Regional Chamber of Commerce and the civil sector, with the support of the project partner COSV-subsidiary Prilep from the ENTEG project, within the INTERREG IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program.