204th session of the University Senate was held in this oldest unit of UKLO, at the invitation of Scientific Tobacco Institute – Prilep.

On that occasion, the renovated lecture and ceremonial hall, was officially presented. The interior adaptation is realized with financial support from the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola.

The senators ended their working visit to the Scientific Tobacco Institute – Prilep by visiting the five accredited laboratories of the Institute, during which they got acquainted with their activity and significance.

In the name of Scientific Tobacco Institute – Prilep, the director, Prof. Dr. Valentina Pelivanoska organized a visit to the Tobacco Museum in which exhibits related to all aspects of tobacco are displayed. It is a rare collection of nearly 3000 exhibits, 750 of which are displayed in the Museum (second largest tobacco museum in the world).

On the occasion of important events, UKLO has a pleasant  tradition of holding sessions of the Board  and the Senate outside Bitola (where the residence of the University is located), which reflects the regional character of UKLO.